Our VISION serves as the framework and guides us to what we need to accomplish to achieve sustainable, quality growth and performance. We want to be leader in the field of an extensive research in ALTERNATIVE SCIENCES of health to develop good range of Eco Environmental Energy food products-for well being and for Natural Healing for all.

NCPL corporate platform where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Brings to the world a portfolio of Quality environmental energy food products /brand that anticipates and satisfy people’s desires and needs. Developing a winning network of consumers, customers and suppliers, together we create mutual enduring values. Overall responsibility with positivity and remain responsive to change – whenever needed.


We intend to Eliminate “CRISES OF TRUST” in the society :
1. To refresh /rejuvenate the world.
2. To inspire moments of positivity, optimism and happiness.
3. To create value and make a difference with positive energy/ life transformation.


We aim to work towards our vision driven by our values, our winning culture, attitudes  and behaviours that will be required to make our 2020 vision a reality. Our values serve as a navigator for our actions and describe how we behave in the world:

COURAGE: To introduce innovative Eco Environmental Energy food product range to shape a better future with respect

LIFE: Committed with passion in heart, mind & soul

ATTITUDE: Be real with Integrity

PROFESSIONAL: What we do – We do well with quality satisfaction and sincere focus on needs of the consumers, customers, franchisees/distribution partners.

Where we believe that ‘Business is an extension of our personal life’ – in which we already are in but we have forgotten over time and now just need to be reinvented….