“Marriages are fixed up in heaven” – is an old proverb but nevertheless imply the importance of marriages. An occasion which is second most important happening in a person’s life after his birth. Traditionally there are varied practices which are followed to mark this event, owing to the religious belief systems and the culture a person belongs to.

India is one of the oldest civilizations; a home of varied religions and cultures having different but unique similarity in the way marriages is celebrated here. The event which is blessed and followed through the cultural belief system marks union of two people in a lifelong relationship, in fact this relation which apparently seems to be of two people is also significant due to the fact that two families also bonded together in a lifelong relationship.
Commonly understood few mentioned facts that are similar in this event irrespective of the basic cultural / religious belief are as under:
1.Undoubtedly this is a very pious occasion for anyone and everyone associated with it.
2.Cultural beliefs and practices are followed to purify and bless this occasion.
3.All relatives, friends and family join together to bless the couple.
4.The environment is charged and blissful owing to all such positive energies.
Every parent dreams for a happy and prosperous life of their children and thus every best effort are is done to make this event successful and memorable not only for the couple but for all those present, after all such occasions don’t come so often.
We at Neelvow understand the importance of such an event and also the feelings associated with this. To make this occasion more pious and energized, Neelvow introduces for the first time ever in the world “Reiki Blessed Marriage” to energize and bless such an important occasion using varied tools of energy channelization by Serving Reiki food with placement of an energy grid. . .

Since long time these energies are being practiced, they have proven records to be highly effective in reinventing our inner soul and goodness where our belief resides and our emotions get active to owe towards mankind to give the best back, balancing and harmonizing emotions
 enhancing mental clarity and creativity
 facilitating personal, professional and spiritual growth. It all emanates from a Higher Power oblivious to almost all of us but permeating around. It is only the experienced practitioners with scientific tools – who can channelize it for human value addition in food and specific environment.

These energies are proven to support a person to maintain /upgrade his positive state of mind and joyful outlook towards life transformation. Our energy food products and established channel of experienced reiki masters will help make this occasion a memorable event of life time wherein dedicated team of reiki masters with their tools of established energy channels will bless the couple and environment for purity and energy which will not fade by time but will stay with for GOOD-times to come.