About Us

Keeping this concept and vision in Mind, Neelvow has come up with very first Eco Environmental Energy food in the world.

The life of every human being moves by Energy and life can’t be imagined without the Energy. Followed by years of research and hard work team of Neelvow has come up with Energy food, wherein the food is being energized with various sciences like Reiki, Pyramid, Music and Quartz Crystals. All these have been proved sciences across the globe and have billions of followers. In Neelvow model, all these four sciences are used to energize the food under the renowned experts and scientists of each science. The company is running the pilot run since one and a half year now and results have been successful and very encouraging. The studies have shown that customers who are consuming this food on regular basis are finding them in a better state of mind i.e. their positivity towards solving problems has increased and also the healing power has gone up. During this pilot run and partial commercial run, encouraged with the results and response of customers the company has taken fssai, ISO 22000 : 2005, HACCP –  bsi .  certifications.

The industry has also appreciated the small steps taken by the company and the company – NEELVOW CORPORATION (P) LIMITED has been awarded with REIKI US CHAPTER AWARD by Reiki Healing Foundation, BHARTIYA UDYOG RATAN AWARD by AAERD, INDIRA GANDHI SADBHAVANA AWARD by IBC, NUTRACEUTICALS AND HERBALS EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016 by ASSOCHAM, MAKE IN INDIA by Bharat Nirman for this innovative Eco Environmental Energy food product.‎ Looking at the market response the media has also given fantastic coverage in various News channels/ News papers/ Magazines to the company and its products.

Neelvow has a mission for life transformation /performance-to enhance positive state of body and mind & soul -to Eliminate “CRISES OF TRUST” from the root of the society-To refresh /rejuvenate the world-To inspire moments of positivity, optimism and happiness-To create value and make a difference (in the society) with positive energy/performance.